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Safe Needle Disposal with MYCO Medical's Sharps Safety Products

June 12, 2024

Proper Disposal Methods for Used Needles

Safely disposing of used needles is crucial for preventing needle stick injuries and the transmission of blood-borne pathogens. Improper disposal can put healthcare workers, sanitation employees, and the general public at risk of contracting serious infections. 

Following proper protocols, the guidelines below should be followed when disposing of used needles:

  1. Never recap needles. Recapping increases the risk of accidental needle sticks.
  2. Immediately after use, carefully place the exposed needle into a sharps disposal container. These rigid, puncture-resistant containers are specially designed for safe needle disposal.
  3. Ensure the sharps container is upright and situated in an easily accessible location to avoid carrying exposed needles any distance.
  4. When the sharps container is 3/4 full, securely close the lid and prepare for disposal according to local regulations.
  5. Contact your hazardous waste disposal service or follow your facility's protocols for transporting sealed sharps containers to an appropriate disposal site.

Adhering to these guidelines is essential for maintaining a safe healthcare environment and protecting everyone who could come into contact with used needles. 

Properly disposing of needles and other sharp objects is essential for people with diabetes. 

A study assessing the disposal practices of diabetes patients revealed that only 59% of patients dispose of their sharps correctly. It was found that patients who received proper training from a nurse or another qualified source were more likely to dispose of their sharps correctly, highlighting the importance of education by healthcare professionals in improving sharps disposal at home.

The researchers found that age, sex, education level, type of diabetes, and type of treatment did not affect proper disposal. However, people's confidence in their disposal methods and where they got rid of their sharps were connected to correct disposal. The study highlighted the need for better education on how to dispose of sharps among diabetes patients.

Moreover, ensuring universal precautions to prevent infections among healthcare workers is essential. A study evaluating the knowledge and application of universal precautions among nursing staff unveiled discrepancies in their comprehensive understanding of correct measures, with approximately 39% of nurses encountering needle stick injuries. These insights underscore the necessity for ongoing and targeted training to ensure healthcare workers possess accurate knowledge and adhere to best practices associated with universal precautions.

The text highlights the significance of ensuring universal precautions to prevent infections among healthcare workers. The findings indicate that while the majority of nurses demonstrated awareness of universal precautions and personal protective equipment, there were gaps in their comprehensive understanding of all the correct measures.

Safety-engineered products 

At MYCO Medical, we understand the importance of proper needle handling and disposal. Our ISO 13485 certified facilities produce products following strict US FDA manufacturing standards to ensure optimal safety and performance.

For surgical procedures requiring high-quality sutures and needles, explore our diverse suture portfolio at MYCO Medical. Our precision cutting needles, taper points, spatula designs, and multiple material options provide surgeons with ideal tools for delicate tissue repairs while enabling proper sharps disposal post-procedure.

The safe and efficient disposal of used needles is a critical aspect of healthcare management. Providing a safe and secure environment for both patients and healthcare professionals is of utmost importance, and selecting the right products for safe needle disposal is essential. MYCO Medical offers a comprehensive range of Sharps Safety products designed to provide simple and easy-to-use solutions for safe handling and disposal of blades, needles, and other sharp or hazardous materials. Our products are OSHA-compliant and are manufactured to strict quality standards, ensuring the utmost safety and reliability.

 Our commitment to quality and safety is paramount, providing healthcare professionals with the confidence and assurance they need in their medical supplies.

Additionally, one of our standout products is QLICKSMART® Blade Needle SYSTEM Blade Remover / Needle Counter. This innovative solution offers a Needle Counter with an easy-to-use single-handed blade remover, enabling the safe removal and containment of blades with only one hand. Designed to minimize risks of injury and infection, the QLICKSMART® Blade Needle SYSTEM is OSHA-compliant and compatible with most brands of general surgery blades and flat handles. Furthermore, it is sterile for use in operating rooms, meeting the highest standards of sterile operation requirements. By choosing MYCO Medical's Sharps Safety products, healthcare institution directors can provide their staff with the tools and resources necessary to maintain a safe and hygienic medical environment. 

Our comprehensive range of products ensures that healthcare professionals have access to the highest quality medical supplies, ultimately contributing to improved patient care and safety.

In conclusion, MYCO Medical's dedication to providing reliable, safe, and OSHA-compliant Sharps Safety products is unwavering. By selecting MYCO Medical as your trusted medical supplier, healthcare institution directors can rest assured that they are providing their staff with the best tools for safe needle and other sharps disposal, contributing to a safer and healthier healthcare environment.

Get Sharps Safety Medical Supplies from MYCO Medical

MYCO Medical is a certified diversity supplier by NMSDC. We provide top-notch medical devices and disposables to health systems across the United States and Canada. With a track record since 1993, we've assisted numerous hospitals and care centers in overcoming their supply chain hurdles and establishing a reliable source of premium medical supplies.

Our Sharps safety products are crafted with high quality materials to ensure optimal protection and comfort, reflecting our unwavering commitment to enhancing performance. Manufactured under stringent quality standards, all our products are made in ISO 13485-certified facilities that adhere to US FDA's good manufacturing practices.

Browse our wide selection of sharps safety equipment, including blade and needle removal systems, ampoule openers, and more, or contact our sales team today and receive a free complimentary sample and quote for our most popular products.

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Solanky, P., Baria, H., Nerulkar, A., & Chavda, N. (2016). Knowledge and practice of universal precautions among nursing staff at a tertiary care hospital in south gujarat, india. International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health, 2373-2376.

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