Blood Collection

Our Blood Collection Portfolio offers a wide range of blood collection and transfer devices for use in acute care, family medicine, primary care, veterinary care, laboratory settings, and more

About Our Blood Collection Portfolio

Blood Collection products from MYCO Medical are designed with intuitive safety features and ergonomic design for safe handling, ease-of-use, and improved performance. Our needles are manufactured to strict quality standards using computerized grinding and 100% visual camera inspection to ensure sharp, consistent, and high-quality needles.

Products include safety blood collection sets with and without pre-attached tube holders, safety blood collection needles with and without pre-attached tube holders, conventional (non-safety) blood collection needles, male and female blood transfer devices, and safety or conventional (non-safety) tube holders sold separately.

All our products are produced in ISO 13485 certified facilities which utilize good manufacturing practices per USFDA standards.