Sharps Safety

Our Sharps Safety Portfolio offers a wide range of products for use in surgery, acute care, ambulatory care, obstetrics, dentistry, dermatology, family medicine, primary care, veterinary care, and more

About Our Sharps Safety Portfolio

Sharps Safety products from MYCO Medical offer simple and easy-to-use solutions to help ensure safe handling and disposal of blades, needles, and other sharp or hazardous materials. All our sharps safety products are OSHA-compliant and manufactured to strict quality standards.

Products include a wide variety of absorbable and non-absorbable sutures made from synthetic and natural materials with multiple strength retention profiles and time to absorption rates optimally suited for different types of procedures. Sutures also come with several needle options, including precision reverse and conventional cutting needles, taper point and taper cut needles, and spatula needles.

All our products are produced in ISO 13485 certified facilities which utilize good manufacturing practices per USFDA standards.