Blades & Scalpels

Our Blades & Scalpels Portfolio offers a wide range of blades, scalpels, and handles for use in surgery, acute care, ambulatory care, obstetrics, dentistry, dermatology, family medicine, veterinary care, and more

About Our Blade & Scalpel Portfolio

Blades & Scalpels from MYCO Medical are made from high-quality premium materials, using automated grinding and proprietary polishing processes to help ensure clean, consistent cutting edges and ergonomic feel for safe handling and ease-of-use. All sharps are manufactured to strict quality standards in FDA-inspected facilities.

Products include durable carbon steel and Swiss stainless steel surgical blades, miniature blades, podiatry blades, blade cartridges, safety and conventional disposable scalpels, and a wide variety of ergonomic blade handles.

All our products are produced in ISO 13485 certified facilities which utilize good manufacturing practices per USFDA standards.