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REDI-CUT® Disposable Safety Scalpel with TECHNOCUT® Premium Blade and Retractable Sheath

◼️ Top activation allows for ambidextrous use

◼️ Audible "clicks" confirm Safe, Ready to use, and Final Lock sheath positions

◼️ Scalpel blades produced from high-quality Swedish stainless steel (TECHNOCUT® Premium blade)

◼️ Sheath retracts fully for clear line of sight and access to surgical blade

◼️ Blade can be covered for safe passing

◼️ Final lock for safe handling and disposal

◼️ Features non-slip, ergonomic handle with integrated metric ruler and depth measure

◼️ Scalpels manufactured in an ISO 13485 certified facility

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Product Specifications

  • Brand
  • Country of Origin
  • Application
    Safety Scalpel
  • Grade
    Surgical Grade
  • Usage
  • Material
    Stainless Steel / Plastic
  • Handle Specifications
    Non-slip Grip Handle
  • Sterility
  • Safety
  • Safety Feature
    Retractable Sheath