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Differences Between Absorbable and Non-Absorbable Sutures

Sutures, commonly referred to as stitches, play a crucial role in wound closure by helping to hold body tissues together after an injury or surgery. They come in two main types: absorbable and non-absorbable. Understanding the differences between these sutures is essential for medical professionals when selecting the appropriate type for different procedures. A comprehensive understanding of sutures to ensure optimal patient outcomes and efficient resource allocation is also of utmost importance. This knowledge not only helps in enhancing surgical success rates but also in making informed decisions regarding procurement, training, and overall hospital efficiency.

Understanding sutures is pivotal for hospital management for several reasons. First, selecting the appropriate suture type can significantly impact patient recovery times and reduce the risk of complications. 

Absorbable and non-absorbable sutures each have unique properties that make them suitable for specific medical scenarios. 

Absorbable sutures, for example, are designed to dissolve in the body over time, making them ideal for internal tissues that heal quickly. In contrast, non-absorbable sutures are made to remain intact and provide long-term support, which is essential for external closures and tissues that require prolonged healing.

Moreover, the choice of sutures can affect the hospital's operational efficiency. Using the correct type of suture can minimize the need for additional procedures, thereby reducing patient readmission rates and freeing up medical resources. Additionally, understanding the differences between suture materials can help in negotiating better procurement deals and managing inventory more effectively.

Different surgeons may have varying preferences based on their specialties and experiences. By staying informed about the most recent developments in suture technology , medical institutions can ensure that their medical teams are provided with the best tools for their procedures.

MYCO Medical Reli® PRO Sutures provide the following key features within its entire brand portfolio: 

  • Low-memory racetrack packaging for easy handling
  • Needles made from 300 Series stainless steel
  • RediPass™ needle coating for smoother penetration and reduced tissue dragging
  • 100% in-line manufacturing inspection

Reli® PRO Absorbable Sutures

Absorbable sutures are designed to break down and be absorbed by the body over time. They are ideal for internal tissues that heal quickly, eliminating the need for suture removal. MYCO Medical absorbable suture products include:

  1. REDICAPRONE® 25 PRO, an absorbable Monofilament, PGCL Synthetic Suture which features:
  • Strength Retention: 80-60% @ 7 days, 40-30% @ 14 days (dyed) 
  • Strength Retention: 60-50% @ 7 days, 30-20% @ 14 days (undyed)
  • 13 - 36mm needles in PRC and TP  
  1. REDIDIOX® PRO, an absorbable Monofilament, PDO Synthetic Suture which features:
  • Strength Retention: 70% @ 14 days, 60-50% @ 28 days
  • 19 – 36mm needles in RC and TP 
  1. REDIGUT® CHROMIC PRO, an absorbable Chromic Treated, Twisted, Natural Gut Suture which features:
  • Due to the natural material, strength retention varies
  • 10 - 26mm needles in PRC, RC, and TP
  1. REDIGUT® PLAIN PRO, an absorbable Twisted, Plain, Natural Gut Suture which features:
    • Due to the natural material, strength retention varies
    • 11 – 24mm needles in RCC, PRC, and RC
  2. REDISORB® PRO, an absorbable Coated, Braided, PGLA Synthetic Suture which features: 
    • Strength Retention: 75% @ 14 days, 50% @ 21 days
    • 6.5 – 36mm needles in PRC, RC, TP, and Spatula
  1. REDISORB® FAST PRO, a fast absorbing Coated, Braided, PGLA Synthetic Suture which features: 
    • Strength Retention: 50% @ 5 days, 0% @ 10-14 days
    • 13 – 19mm needles in PRC

Reli® PRO Non-absorbable Sutures

Non-absorbable sutures are designed to remain in the body indefinitely unless removed. They are suitable for skin closure and areas requiring long-term support. MYCO Medical non-absorbable suture products include:

  1. REDILENE® PRO, a non-absorbable Monofilament, Polypropylene Synthetic Suture which features:some text
    • 11 – 26 mm needles in PRC, RC, and TP
    • 10 – 36 inch suture thread length
  2. REDILON® PRO, a non-absorbable Monofilament, Nylon Synthetic Suture which features:some text
    • 5.5 – 26mm needles in PRC, RC, and Spatula
    • 10 – 30 inch suture thread length
  3. REDISILK® PRO, a non-absorbable Natural Organic Silk Suture which features:some text
    • 13 – 26 mm needles in PRC, RC, and TP
    • 18 – 30 inch suture thread length
  4. REDIBOND® PRO, a non-absorbable Coated, Braided, Polyester Synthetic Suture which features:some text
    • 13 – 19mm needles in RC, TP, and TC
    • 18 – 36 inches suture thread length

Detailed Analysis and Application

Absorbable sutures are particularly useful for surgeries involving internal organs, as they reduce the need for a second procedure to remove the sutures. For example, REDICAPRONE® 25 PRO and REDIDIOX® PRO are synthetic options that offer strength and gradual absorption, making them suitable for various soft tissue closures.

On the other hand, natural options like REDIGUT® CHROMIC PRO and REDIGUT® PLAIN PRO are often preferred in areas where a slower absorption rate is desired, such as in gastrointestinal surgeries.

Non-absorbable sutures, such as REDILENE® PRO and REDILON® PRO, are commonly used for skin closures, cardiovascular surgeries, and tendons. These sutures provide long-term support and are removed once the wound has sufficiently healed. REDISILK® PRO, made from organic silk, is frequently used in delicate surgeries, while REDIBOND® PRO is ideal for high-stress areas due to its braided polyester construction.

Choosing the Right Suture

The choice between absorbable and non-absorbable sutures depends on various factors, including the type of tissue, the required duration of support, and the patient's overall health. Absorbable sutures are typically used for internal tissues that heal quickly, while non-absorbable sutures are used for external closures and situations requiring long-term support. According to a study by Oesman et. al., non-absorbable sutures continue to be the preferred choice for acute Achilles tendon rupture (AATR) repair due to its strength. The choice will depend on the specific situation so one is not better than the other. 

Understanding the differences between absorbable and non-absorbable sutures is critical for effective wound management. MYCO Medical offers a comprehensive range of high-quality sutures, ensuring optimal performance for various medical procedures.

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