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Blood Collection Best Practices: Insights on Improving Sample Quality and Workflow Efficiency

May 22, 2024


Blood collection, an essential part of healthcare, is crucial for many different conditions to be diagnosed and monitored. However, there are risks associated with this common procedure, including the possibility of needlestick injuries and exposure to bloodborne pathogens. In addition to posing a risk to medical personnel, these hazards can also compromise blood sample quality and reduce the accuracy of the overall diagnostic process. 

Implementing standards of excellence and cutting-edge safety-engineered technologies is the key to addressing these issues. 

This blog examines the critical relationship that exists between patient care and the safety of healthcare workers, highlights MYCO Medical's RELI® Safety Blood Collection products, and discusses the importance of empowering healthcare workers and driving change through collaboration and evaluation.

In addition to providing protection for healthcare personnel, safe blood collection procedures also enhance the overall effectiveness and dependability of the diagnostic process. Since reliable blood samples are necessary for precise diagnosis and successful treatment plans, funding safety precautions for healthcare personnel is an investment in the well-being of patients as well as the effectiveness of healthcare services.

Ensuring Sample Quality

The quality of blood samples is crucial for accurate diagnostics. Here are some best practices to ensure the highest sample quality:

Proper Patient Identification and Preparation

Ensuring the quality of the sample begins with accurately identifying the patients. Misidentification may result in grave errors in diagnosis and management. Healthcare personnel should adhere to established identification protocols, which include verbally verifying patient information and inspecting wristbands. By doing this, errors are prevented and the proper patient receives the appropriate diagnosis and course of care.

Additionally crucial is the proper patient preparation. Patients should be made aware of the procedure for drawing blood as well as any prerequisites, such as skipping certain prescriptions or fasting. Effective communication lowers the possibility of problems that could compromise the quality of the sample and helps to guarantee that the patient is ready. This also helps reduce any discomfort or anxiety that the patient might feel from the procedure, ensuring a smooth, accident-free, and worry-free blood collection.

Correct Order of Draw

Follow the correct order of draw per facility protocols to reduce the possibility of cross-contamination. Assuring the integrity of the samples and guaranteeing accurate results depend on maintaining sterility and on following the proper order of draw.

Gentle Mixing of Samples

After drawing blood, carefully invert the tubes to ensure that the blood and any additives mix properly. Hemolysis, or the breakdown of red blood cells, can be brought on by vigorous shaking which can skew test results. The sample is not harmed during the gentle mixing process, which guarantees that the blood and additives are evenly distributed.

Prompt Processing

The sooner the samples are processed lessens the likelihood of degradation. Test findings may not be as reliable if the blood's chemical makeup is changed due to delayed processing. Sample integrity can be preserved by refrigeration in situations where immediate processing is not feasible. Efficient handling is essential to achieve precise and dependable outcomes.

Enhancing Workflow Efficiency

Blood collection efficiency is crucial for patient treatment as well as the operational viability of healthcare facilities. Several methods can be used to improve workflow efficiency:

Streamlined Procedures

Errors and variability are decreased with the use of standardized blood collection protocols. This entails establishing precise instructions for every stage of the procedure, from labeling and storing samples to preparing patients. Having streamlined processes means that all employees are following the same guidelines and are on the same page, which lowers the possibility of errors.

Adequate Training

Frequent training sessions guarantee that healthcare personnel are updated about the most recent procedures and safety measures. Proficiency in blood collection procedures lowers the risk of mistakes and increases patient comfort and confidence. Continuous education and training help to maintain high standards of practice and keep employees informed of new innovations and best practices.

Use of Safety-Engineered Devices

Incorporating safety-engineered devices into the blood collection process can significantly reduce the risk of needlestick injuries and improve efficiency. Devices like the RELI® Safety Blood Collection products from MYCO Medical offer features such as:

  • Luer lock multi-sample needle for added security: This feature ensures a secure connection between the needle and the holder, significantly reducing the risk of accidental disconnection during sample collection. This added security is particularly crucial during multi-sample collections, where the integrity of the connection must be maintained to prevent sample loss or contamination.
  • Audible click when needle is in final lock position: This auditory feature provides a clear and reassuring confirmation to healthcare workers that the needle is securely locked into place, enhancing safety by ensuring the device is properly engaged before proceeding with the blood draw.
  • Siliconized short bevel needle for smooth insertion: The needle is designed with a siliconized coating and a short bevel, which allows for a smoother and less painful insertion. This design reduces patient discomfort and anxiety, facilitating a more positive experience and improving cooperation during the procedure.
  • Color-coded for easy gauge identification: Each needle is color-coded to indicate its gauge size, simplifying the process for healthcare workers to identify the appropriate needle quickly and accurately. This feature enhances workflow efficiency and reduces the likelihood of errors in needle selection.
  • Computerized grinding and 100% visual camera inspection ensures sharp, consistent, quality needles: Advanced manufacturing processes, including computerized grinding and thorough visual inspections using cameras, ensure that each needle is exceptionally sharp and consistently high in quality. This meticulous production process guarantees reliable and safe blood collection, minimizing the risk of needle dullness or defects.

These innovative products from MYCO Medical not only protect healthcare workers but also help maintain the integrity of blood samples, ensuring that they remain uncontaminated and viable for accurate testing.

Efficient Sample Labeling

Using barcoded labels and electronic tracking systems ensures that each sample is accurately tracked from collection to analysis. This reduces the risk of mislabeling and sample loss, improving overall workflow efficiency. Efficient sample labeling systems help to ensure that each sample is correctly identified and matched to the right patient, reducing the likelihood of errors and improving the accuracy of test results.

Regular Equipment Maintenance

Regular maintenance and calibration of all blood collection equipment reduces downtime and guarantees the dependability of the devices utilized in the procedure. Workflow disruptions caused by unanticipated failures can be avoided with routine maintenance and checks. Processes for collecting blood must be efficient and effective, which requires well-maintained equipment.

Ensuring Healthcare Worker Safety to Improve Patient Outcomes

The safety of healthcare workers is directly linked to the quality of patient care. Blood collection is a routine yet critical procedure where the safety of medical personnel can significantly impact patient outcomes. Ensuring that healthcare workers are protected from potential hazards, such as needlestick injuries and bloodborne pathogens, enhances their ability to perform effectively and confidently, leading to better patient care and sample quality.

Empowering Healthcare Professionals with Advanced Safety Tools

Encouraging a safer and more effective healthcare environment requires equipping healthcare professionals with safety-engineered devices. With the correct tools, healthcare professionals may carry out their responsibilities more confidently and successfully, as well as with more peace of mind. The RELI® Safety Blood Collection series is one example of safety-engineered equipment that is easy to use and very effective, lowering the risk of harm and increasing workflow productivity. For these devices to be implemented successfully, education and training are essential. To make sure that all employees are competent in operating this safety equipment, healthcare facilities need to invest in extensive training programs. High standards of efficiency and safety in blood collection procedures can also be maintained with the aid of recurring updates and refresher training.


It is imperative to implement optimal methodologies in blood collection to enhance both sample quality and workflow efficiency. Keys to preserving high sample quality include making sure the patient is properly identified, processing the sample quickly, gently mixing it, and adhering to the proper draw order. A more effective blood collection method can also be achieved by streamlining processes, offering sufficient training, utilizing safety-engineered instruments, effectively labeling samples, and performing routine equipment maintenance. By concentrating on these areas, healthcare providers may protect healthcare personnel and maximize operational efficiency in addition to improving patient care outcomes and test accuracy. By means of cooperation and ongoing enhancement, the healthcare sector can reach the highest standards of safety and effectiveness in blood collecting procedures.

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