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Mission Statement

MYCO plays a vital role in reducing our nation’s healthcare costs while ensuring that our families, friends, co-workers and communities have access to high quality affordable healthcare both now and in the future. When there is a crisis in healthcare every member of the MYCO team finds a way to help pull our customers and communities through the difficult times.

MYCO’s team of professionals always provides exceptional customer experiences by responding with compassion and reliability in every transaction, which has won for MYCO the trust of its clients as well as a stellar reputation in the industry. This reputation is constantly undergirded by the entire MYCO team through its valuing clinical feedback from our customers and clinicians to ensure that we bring high quality, safe and innovative solutions to all patients regardless of their care setting.

We recognize and affirm that all employees add value and a unique perspective that shape our organizational successes. We are excellent at what we do and proud of our positive impact to healthcare.

Why Myco?


We focus on bringing the most cutting edge technologies to our clients; our solutions-oriented approach allows MYCO to introduce new products that will better assist our clients in their fields. Bringing on novel technologies to improve performance, safety, and patient comfort is a key differentiator between our company and our competitors.


Since our founding 25+ years ago, MYCO has provided reliable and trusted solutions and products to health care providers. Consistently offering the lowest pricing to providers, we’re doing our part to lower the cost of healthcare and to bring back market competition. With MYCO, you can rely on a reputable partner ensuring consistency, accuracy, and the highest levels of performance.


A key part of MYCO’s mission to provide the most value to health care providers in the field. By delivering high quality, cost-effective medical devices with market understanding and guidance, we aid our customers in providing the best care to their own patients.

Message from President & CEO

When MYCO Medical Supplies was established in 1993, our mission was simple.  I wanted to expand my family’s business in India to the US and grow their market share here just like they had done all over the world.  More than 25 years later, we expanded our support to 17 manufacturing partners and our mission and role has evolved.

For our manufacturing partners, we’ve become much more than just sales support for a defined territory.  We help them prepare to meet the expectations of the demanding US clinician.  We help navigate what it means to be a supplier of medical devices in the US.

For our customers, we’re more than just a low-cost option.  We’re creating disruption in medical device categories lacking competition, giving clinicians a choice in the products they use and embracing their feedback to provide high quality, safe and innovative solutions.

At the end of 2015, MYCO renewed its commitment to the healthcare industry, refining its Mission and rallying our team to focus on a common goal to define our success. We know that MYCO plays a vital role in reducing our nation’s healthcare costs and we do so with the intention of ensuring our families and generations after them have access to high-quality affordable healthcare. MYCO accomplishes this by focusing on the needs of the healthcare industry.

As a certified diversity supplier of medical devices that specializes in single-use disposable clinical preference items, we are bringing about change.

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We look forward to serving you in the near future.

Sam Kumar