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Ensuring Healthcare Worker Safety: MYCO's Commitment with QLICKSMART SNAPIT Ampoule Openers

February 27, 2024

Ensuring the safety of frontline workers in the fast-paced healthcare industry is paramount. Despite being prevalent, ampoule injuries are often overlooked as a significant risk faced by healthcare workers. MYCO Medical, a trusted name in the healthcare supply chain for over 30 years, acknowledges this challenge and tackles it directly with the QLICKSMART SNAPIT Ampoule Openers.

Ampoule injuries in healthcare are an understated risk. Ampoule injuries pose a significant threat to healthcare workers, with statistics revealing that one in three healthcare workers experiences at least one ampoule injury in their career (Smith, D R et al. 2006). These injuries often result from the breaking of glass ampoules, leading to lacerations, severe injuries, and an increased risk of infections. The conventional methods of opening glass ampoules, including using paper towels or gauze, provide minimal protection, leaving healthcare workers vulnerable to injuries.

The Impact: Beyond Physical Injuries

These injuries encompass not only physical trauma but also profound psychological and occupational implications. Estrella and Gavino (2022) illustrate the severity and multifaceted nature of such injuries in their BMJ Case Reports CP, citing two cases involving healthcare workers (HCWs). Patient 1, a right-handed female in her 20s, sustained a right index finger (IF) laceration during anesthesia induction. Patient 2, also a right-handed female in her 20s, suffered a left IF laceration while opening a medicinal glass ampoule. Despite initial wound management, both patients experienced compromised flexor tendon function, necessitating surgical exploration and repair.

These cases emphasize the significant psychological impact of ampoule injuries, leading to prolonged rehabilitation and enduring self-confidence issues. Additionally, the occupational hazards associated with ampoule handling include the risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens such as HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C, particularly in high-risk environments like operating theatres.

Ampoule injuries not only jeopardize the health of healthcare workers but also pose risks to patients. Lacerations from opening glass ampoules can contaminate drug solutions, leading to potential financial losses for hospitals. Moreover, glass chips from broken ampoules pose threats to both healthcare workers and patients. These chips can inadvertently drop into ampoule solutions, creating life-threatening scenarios when administered to patients (Carraretto, Antônio Roberto et al.2011).

Recognizing the inadequacy of traditional methods, healthcare providers are turning to safety-engineered devices like QLICKSMART SNAPIT Ampoule Openers. Studies show that these devices offer robust protection, with estimates suggesting that 62-88% of sharps injuries can be prevented by using safer medical devices. Wrapping paper towels or gauze around the ampoule neck proves insufficient and does not provide the real protection needed to prevent injuries effectively.

An Overview of QLICKSMART SNAPIT Ampoule Openers

The QLICKSMART SNAPIT Ampoule Openers are a significant advancement in healthcare worker safety. They offer a simple "insert and snap" action, ensuring a clean break to prevent injuries and medication spillage. Available in Personal and Trolley editions, these openers can be autoclaved for sterilization at 130 degrees Celsius. The Trolley edition, specifically tailored for larger ampoules, includes a flat edge to prevent rolling, enhancing usability.

Key Benefits of QLICKSMART SNAPIT Ampoule Openers

Easy to Use: The user-friendly design of QLICKSMART SNAPIT Ampoule Openers ensures that healthcare workers can adopt safety measures seamlessly.

Autoclavable: The autoclavable feature enhances sterility, meeting the highest healthcare safety standards.

Keyring Attachment: The keyring attachment facilitates safe ampoule opening on the go, providing healthcare workers with a convenient tool in various settings.

Prevents Injuries and Medication Spillage: By facilitating a clean break, QLICKSMART SNAPIT Ampoule Openers significantly reduce the risk of injuries and prevent medication spillage, contributing to a safer work environment.

Disassemblable for Cleaning: The ability to disassemble the ampoule openers ensures thorough cleaning, maintaining hygiene standards consistently.

MYCO Medical: A Trusted Partner in Healthcare Safety

As a certified Diversity Supplier and Minority Owned Small Business, MYCO Medical takes pride in delivering high-quality medical devices and disposables to the US healthcare system. The inclusion of QLICKSMART SNAPIT Ampoule Openers in MYCO's offerings underscores the company's commitment to being at the forefront of healthcare safety and innovation.

The integration of QLICKSMART SNAPIT Ampoule Openers into MYCO Medical's portfolio marks a crucial step towards ensuring the safety of healthcare workers. By addressing the risks associated with ampoule injuries and providing an effective preventive measure, MYCO reaffirms its dedication to delivering high-quality, safe, and innovative solutions. The collaboration between MYCO and QLICKSMART SNAPIT is a testament to a shared vision—a safer tomorrow for healthcare professionals and, ultimately, the patients they serve.

Fostering Healthcare Professionals: Developing Skills, Expertise, and Institutional Partnership

Empowering healthcare workers with knowledge and training is essential alongside the introduction of QLICKSMART SNAPIT Ampoule Openers, which significantly reduces ampoule injury risks. MYCO Medical actively supports training programs and provides educational materials to healthcare professionals, ensuring they understand the correct usage and benefits of QLICKSMART SNAPIT for confident integration into daily practices.

MYCO Medical collaborates with healthcare providers, seeking feedback to align product offerings, including QLICKSMART SNAPIT Ampoule Openers, with industry needs. This commitment to continuous improvement reflects MYCO's dedication to exceeding customer expectations.

As healthcare institutions prioritize workforce safety, incorporating QLICKSMART SNAPIT Ampoule Openers into standard practice fosters a culture of safety. MYCO Medical encourages institutions to embrace this solution, contributing to workplaces where healthcare workers can perform confidently and securely.

Ensuring healthcare worker safety is not just a responsibility but a necessity in the dynamic healthcare industry. MYCO Medical, with its commitment to excellence and innovation, provides solutions that make a tangible difference. QLICKSMART SNAPIT Ampoule Openers empower healthcare workers, instilling confidence and security in those dedicated to others' well-being.

Get QLICKSMART SNAPIT Ampoule Openers from MYCO Medical

For healthcare institutions eager to enhance workplace safety with QLICKSMART SNAPIT Ampoule Openers, MYCO Medical offers a seamless procurement process. Explore the wide range of medical devices and disposables on MYCO's official website, where you can find detailed product information and place orders effortlessly.

The incorporation of QLICKSMART SNAPIT Ampoule Openers into MYCO Medical's offerings is a testament to proactive and innovative healthcare solutions. This collaboration echoes the shared vision of creating a safer, more secure healthcare landscape for all. As we move forward, let us continue championing safety, empowering healthcare workers, and embracing technologies that contribute to a healthier and more resilient world.

To learn more about MYCO Medical's Sharp Safety Products or request a sample, please visit our contact page. Let's collaborate towards a future where Sharp Safety products uphold the utmost standards of safety and care.


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