Suture Needle Materials

When selecting a suture, it is imperative to consider the materials used in the needle. Both the type of metal used and the coating of the needle play a huge part in the durability, strength, ductility, and needle penetration.

One of the best types of metal to use for sutures is the 300 series stainless steel. This type of stainless steel ensures a perfect blend of strength and ductility. 300 stainless steel alloys also resist corrosion, maintain their strength at high temperatures, are easy to maintain, and are scratch-resistant.

While the metal used in the suture needle is important, it is also recommended to consider what the needle is coated in. MYCO Medical’s REDIPASS™ Needle coating facilitates smoother needle penetration and reduces tissue dragging. This can significantly decrease the amount of damage done to the tissue during an operation.

In order to ensure each patient has the best care available, it is important to give each physician the best tools manufactured with high-quality materials.