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We are MYCO Medical

With more than 28 years of trusted supply chain experience, MYCO Medical specializes in helping hospitals and care centers improve quality of care, achieve greater cost efficiencies, and overcome risks associated with traditional healthcare supply chain practices.

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Learn how we helped major healthcare systems overcome critical PPE market shortages caused during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

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Offering a Partnership-Based Approach to Supply Chain

We offer dynamic solutions to help you innovate beyond the traditional supply chain practices that lead to frequent back orders and market shortages.

Bridging the gap between quality care and cost savings

We are committed to taking a value-based approach to care, empowering partners to maximize cost savings while providing better, safer technologies to help improve patient care.

To transform the relationship between clinician and supplier

We are continuously improving the quality and reliability of our products, listening closely to your feedback and moving quickly to meet the needs of your patients and clinicians.

A Proud HealthTrust Diversity Supplier since 2009

MYCO Medical is an award-winning Minority Owned Small Business and NMSDC certified diversity supplier of HealthTrust.

HealthTrust Contracts

Standard Blades & Scalpels

HealthTrust Contract #996

OR Sharps Safety

HealthTrust Contract #996

Safety Blades & Scalpels

HealthTrust Contract #998

Blunt Fill Needles & Safety Syringes

HealthTrust Contract #6905

Epidural, Spinal, and Biopsy Needles

HealthTrust Contract #18866

N95 Surgical Respirators

HealthTrust Contract #80947

ASTM Level 3 Ear Loop Mask and ASTM Level 3 Surgical Tie-on Mask

HealthTrust Contract #86104

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